Work Related Fringe Benefits, Pt. 3, Fucking Cindy

My pants were bulging noticeably now and I didn’t try to hide my arousal. When I arrived in front of her at the door her hand went immediately to my pants and she held my cock in her hand through the thin fabric.She slowly began to speak again in a soft whisper while she continued to gently stoke my hard on.“I could hear Dawn moaning quietly at first, John.”The way she personalized the details by adding my name to the statement made it obvious her intent was to arouse me.

“I could only imagine through the door that her boyfriend was stroking her pussy from the outside of her panties, like you’re going to do for me John.”She took my hand in hers and lowered it first to the bottom of her skirt.Together we lifted the skirt upward and she released my hand from hers, leaving it at the base of her panties, my fingers coming to rest on her soft mound.I gently rubbed on the outside of her panties and she moaned softly in partial role playing of the scene she had just described, and also partly in the growing reality of the moment.

“I heard her gasp as he moved his hand inside her wet panties, inserting his fingers slowly into her vagina, first one, and then two.At first entering her ever so lightly and then plunging deeper as her moans grew loader and her breathing grew faster.”Cindy stood quietly for a moment, her arms now wrapped around my neck in a gentle dance-like hug.I took the cue that I was to mimic her narration.I moved my hand from the base of her panties and slid it slowly into the lace fabric at the top. I eased my fingers inside and then downward toward the dictated destination of Cindy the narrator.That destination was wet, creamy wet, and moist.My fingers slipped easily inside her wet cunt, first one, and then two, just as the narrator described.As it was scripted, she started a slow moan.Not a copy of the moaning of Dawn, but clearly her own uttering, and her hips began a slow back and forth gyration in advance of the narrator’s coming description.

“I could hear her begin to buck forward as his fingers worked deeper into her.Then there was a wet, licking sound.”She began immediately to tongue fuck my ear as I continued my finger assault on her wet pussy.She nibbled and sucked and explored each ear in turn and then began to kiss my neck as she started to unbutton my shirt, although not issuing a new command.I listened intently for a new measure of pleasure to be described as I continued to perform as instructed.“She continued to stroke his cock from the outside of his pants and I could hear the fabric ruffle as it rubbed against him”.Cindy complied with her own narration, stroking my dick through my pants.

“I heard the sound of a zipper, then a belt being undone.”She followed her own narration again.My pants fell to the floor and against only a pair of thin boxers the head of my engorged cock poked out at full mast.Cindy looked up at me and met her eyes directly with mine.“My god, your cock is huge, I heard Dawn exclaim from behind the door”.She stroked me slowly and brought her lips up to meet mine.We embraced without narration, out tongues too engaged for anything to be spoken.Cindy was now jerking me off at a slightly faster pace and a drop of pre-cum oozed out of the head of my dick.She felt it on her fingers and added, “I heard Dawn say she wanted to lick the pre-cum off of his dick.”Something told me the narration might have strayed from the audibly observed event and could simply be a live description of whatever Cindy felt should come next.I hoped so.

She lowered to her knees in front of me and began to lick the tiny droplet of cum on the engorged bulb at the head of my cock.First her tongue moved slowly in circles and then with the command, “I heard her tell him she wanted to suck his cock,” Cindy plunged her mouth over the entire shaft and down to the base of my dick.She moved slowly back to the tip and then plunged the shaft fully into her throat again.She continued several strokes and at the conclusion of one outward thrust she raised her gaze to my eyes and uttered, “Then I heard him beg Dawn to lick his balls.”I felt this was an act I should follow and I replied in kind.“Cindy, please, will you lick my balls?”

I was late reacting to my stage cue as she already had one in her mouth and the other in her hand.She was clearly describing her own goals now and I hoped they followed everything Dawn and her lover had done and maybe more.She gently licked and sucked my balls one at a time, taking them deep into her mouth and pulling gently away from me each time she engulfed one until I felt a slight strain on my sac, then she would release the pressure only to repeat the process on the other one.To my complete and utter surprise and indescribable enjoyment, while this oral ball message went on she slid her middle finger under my ball sac and along the sensitive skin beyond until it found and entered my asshole, slowly plunging in and out with the expertise of an experienced young woman.I just about shot a load on her hair but I held it back for all I was worth, hoping to deposit a hot load of cum inside her somewhere.

“I heard Dawn pull his dropped pants and boxers off his legs and remove his shoes and socks and it sounded like he pulled off his unbuttoned shirt at the same time.”I hadn’t waited for Cindy to narrate that part as I had my shirt off before she got me undressed.I stood in the dimly lit room now fully naked, my cock swollen and reaching for the ceiling as Cindy rose from her knees and grabbed my dick again in her small hand.“I could hear Dawn begin to unbutton her blouse and her boyfriend was clearly fumbling with her skirt from the sounds coming from the room”, she explained.I began doing my own fumbling on Cindy’s skirt but my eyes were fixed on her as she first unbuttoned her blouse and then reached behind her back to unclasp her bra.As I completed the skirt dismantling it dropped to her ankles quickly followed by her soaked panties. She kicked both garments and her high heels off, almost simultaneously.We were both fully disrobed and it felt tingly awkward for a second.

The tingly awkward part may have been caused by her nipples pressing against my chest when she leaned into me and planted a tongue searching kiss on my lips.My fingers returned to her pussy and I gently rubbed on her clit, trying not to get too far ahead of the story.Hearing Cindy vocalize each move along the way made for a wild, almost perverted ritual of lovemaking that I had never experienced before and it almost seemed like it made it easier for her as she could pretend she was just replaying a fantasy of Dawn’s lovemaking session.I slowed my stroking motion as she began again.

“I heard Dawn say, I want you to fuck me from behind.” I couldn’t believe my luck as Cindy turned her back to me and bent slightly over, bracing herself against the door.I would have to thank Dawn the next time I saw her.I eased up closer to her tiny beautiful ass.Her hand reached under and between her legs and grasped my cock, guiding me to the wet entrance to her vagina.She pulled the tip of my cock just inside then waited for me to do the rest.

I started a slow pushing motion into this tight schoolgirl sized pussy that just didn’t seem big enough for my grown up cock.“I can take it all John”, she said.Did I hear that right?Was that Cindy or part of the narration?Wait, she said John, right?Fuck.The realization registered in my brain before I could put any controls in place and I plunged the full length of my rod inside her cunt before I could restrain myself.She gasped and bucked toward the wall to release a bit of the pressure I must have caused.“Oh, fuck.My God that’s deep.Shit.Holy fucking shit!” She uttered a long rage of expletives in reaction to the deep gashing that had just occurred.She moved one hand back around to my hips and pushed me back slightly but kept me just inside her.“Okay, big boy, let’s try this a different way. You stand still and let me do the work.”

I complied and she began a slow back and forth fucking of my cock with her pussy, using the door as her brace, pushing back and then releasing forward, taking only what she wanted initially but finally plunging me again to the bottom of her cunt.“See, I told you I could handle it all,” she proudly proclaimed while turning her pretty face back toward me and tossing her hair to the side as she did.I continued to stand strong and steady, making sure I was anchored for each thrust she mounted on my cock, each deep and joyous thrust.After assuring that she was taking it all in without pain I bent slightly over so my hands could reach under her and I cupped each of her breasts in my hands.Cindy has nice tits, not overly sized but ample for her frame and with nipples like erasers that often make an appearance through her bra in the office.I slowly fingered each one and they hardened to my touch.I began to wonder how long I could keep this up without coming.

Cindy was applying a personal touch to her clitoris for her own pleasure and occasionally she would reach beyond and stroke my balls, dipping her head and shoulders down and back so her hand could reach the full distance.While in that position she jacked the shaft of my cock a few times, getting a good dose on her hand of the juice from her pussy that had covered my cock, then she’d move her fingers back to her clit and raise her shoulders and head back up tossing her hair again onto her back.It was a ritual and a site that repeated itself for several minutes and I wanted it to never end.I held onto my load hoping for a big finish inside her, but please, just not now.She was plunging my cock deep inside her with each push back from the door and as her motions quickened even further I could tell she was about to come.“Oh, John, fuck me, John, give it to me.Oh fuck!” She cried out and with a deep lunge into her cunt I forced her into a violent shaking convulsion.I stood in place while my dick remained insider her, barely moving in and out as her breathing slowly returned to an almost normal rate.

As our motion came to a stop I pulled my pussy soaked dick out of her cunt and rested it between the cheeks of her ass.As it lay there it coated her bottom, including her tiny pink asshole, with her own pussy juices.I wondered if she would let me come on her ass. Exactly how experienced and liberated was this young lady?She started a slow rocking motion and her butt cheeks provided sort of a lubricated fuck channel for my knob and I realized I was going to lose my load on her if this continued, whether she was into it or not.Cindy began the narrative of Dawn’s love session again.“I heard Dawn say, I want you to fuck me in my ass!”Surely I didn’t hear this but if I did, she didn’t mention the name John this time so I knew we were back in fantasy land.This was no time to make a move.I would have to let this play out on Cindy’s orders.“Well, John, are you going to play along or are we done?” she asked.

That was certainly my cue and I didn’t hesitate further.I took the hard tip of my cock and pushed slightly on the little pink entrance to her ass.She reached behind with her hands and parted her cheeks, exposing her waiting hole and making the target obvious.With a few slow pushes the head of my cock disappeared into her ass.I noted a slight grimace on her face that quickly turned to a look of pleasure.I pushed an inch or so more and then I felt her rocking back on me and just that quickly I was in up to my balls and we were rocking furiously.I think Cindy knew I didn’t have much left to go and she began to buck harder and reached underneath to nurse the cum from my balls.“Tell me when you get close, John.I want you to cum in my mouth.”

That was the end of me.I bucked as hard as I could without exploding and then pushed with both hands on her butt cheeks, pulling out my cock.She wheeled immediately around and sunk to her knees in front of me.Her hand grasped my rod and jerked on it continuously for maybe five or ten seconds.I grabbed the back of her head with my hand and pushed her mouth onto my dick.She kept her lips slightly open so I could watch my load fill her up.As the first burst came from the purple engorged head, the milky white cum covered her tongue and each additional eruption added to the load until it forced her to swallow and take in the rest.She downed the remainder of my eruption and then licked me slowly, sucking the remaining drops from the end of my spent cock.

I slumped back against the door as Cindy walked over and picked up our wine glasses from the desk.We finished what was left and she poured us each a new glass. We drank together as she cuddled with me, facing me and pinning me to the door, pressing against my wet cock.We stood there silently for a few minutes, grinning occasionally at each other and sipping our wine.“So what did you hear from Dawn behind the door after that?” I queried, breaking the very comfortable silence we were enjoying.

Cindy paused silently, as if gathering her thoughts.I knew from her earlier admission that in the real scene she had been outside the door and had just finished masturbating.A slight smile grew on her face and I imagined she was remembering that exquisite moment when she erupted from her own manipulation as she listened to Dawn having an orgasm and slurping her boyfriend’s cum.But I was wrong, very wrong.

“Well John, as soon as I recovered from coming I pulled my fingers out of my pussy and I pressed my ear back to the door.Then I heard Dawn say to her boyfriend, I want you to fuck me all night!”

Cindy’s pretty young face looked up at mine and smiled as she downed some more wine.Her hand was already around my cock.It was going to be a wonderful night!

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Work Related Fringe Benefits, Pt. 3, Fucking Cindy